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ostend - belgium
20-26th august 2022
04/08/2019 - Ostend (BEL) - Brugse Zot Cup 2019 - Day 2

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The Royal North Sea Yacht Club and the Belgian Dragon Association are proud to present the “Dragon Gold Cup 2022” that will be held in Ostend (Belgium).

The dates of the Championship are Saturday 20th of August 2022 until Friday 26th of August 2022.


The Dragon Gold Cup is one of the oldest and most iconic cups in the sailing world.  The Trophy roots back to 1937, when members of the Clyde Yacht's Conference presented the Gold Cup, with the intention of bringing together as many competitors of different nationalities as possible for yacht racing in Europe in a friendly spirit. 

Throughout its history, the Gold Cup has enchanted leaders of industry and royalty from Jacob Wallenberg, to HRH King Contantine of Greece, Jacques Rogge or HRH Crown Prince Frederic of Denmark…

Not to mention the icons of the sport of sailing such as Peter Gilmour, Fred Imhoff, Paul Richard Hoi Jensen and Marcus Wieser.  

Central in Europe, easily accessible and reknown for its hospitality 

and delicious seafood.

04/08/2019 - Ostend (BEL) - Brugse Zot Cup 2019 - Day 2
05/08/2019 - Ostend (BEL) - Brugse Zot Cup 2019 - Day 3
05/08/2019 - Ostend (BEL) - Brugse Zot Cup 2019 - Day 3
word of the current champion

"The Gold Cup is the most prestigious trophy in the Dragon class!  Sailed since 1937 with so many names on it, it is on every sailors dreams to win it. 

I have had the honor to win it in 2019 in Medemblick and the privilege to have it on my living room! I feel like I’ve reached my target.. so I will come to Marstrand this year to try and keep it or to Ostende 2022 to get it back..

I took part in the Gold Cup 2011 in Ostende sailing with Tim Tavinor and Thomas Wilton and we finished 9th. Recently during this pandemic year of 2020 I sailed the Brugse Zot Cup and the Belgium Open also in Ostende and even with all restrictions we had a great time. The food at the club was so good that we ate there every night for 10 days.

So I’m looking forward for a great Gold Cup in 2022 hopefully with all sailors healthy and safe, so we can enjoy it like the old days!!"

Pedro Rebelo de Andrade

08/08/2020 - Ostend (BEL) - Brugse Zot Cup 2020 - Day 1